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9500 Liberty

MTV Networks to bring “LIBERTY” to 100 million homes

S.B. 1070 has been tried once before.  Learn the history anti-immigration lobbyists want us to forget.

On Sunday Sept. 26th at 8 PM ET / PT, a game-changing documentary about politics and immigration will be broadcast into 100 million homes.

9500 Liberty” will premiere simultaneously on MTV2, MTV U, and MTV Tr3s (with Spanish subtitles), and America will see how ordinary citizens, Republicans, and Democrats in Northern Virginia join forces to combat extremism, and regain control of a county government.

MTV 360 presents the

Sunday Sept. 26th
8 PM ET / PT on MTV 2, MTV U,
& MTV Tr3s (with Spanish subtitles)
If you are not in the Eastern or Pacific time zone,
check your local listings.

HOST a HOUSE PARTY / Join us LIVE on the WEB:
Filmmakers Annabel Park and Eric Byler, and MTV executive Jason Rzepka, will host an on-line web-cast Premiere Party and Q&A LIVE from the Coffee Party National Convention in Louisville, KY starting at 7:30 PM ET Sept. 26, 2010.  Special guests will appear with the filmmakers before the screening, during the commercial breaks, and after the screening for a nation-wide virtual Q & A, starting at 10 PM Eastern time and 10 PM Pacific time (we’ll be pretty tired by then, but heck, Arizona is Pacific time).

Join the web cast at: Or, come to the COFFEE PARTY convention and attend the Premiere Party in person!

Latest Coffee Party Convention PRESS RELEASE.

CLICK HERE for MTV Tr3s exclusive bonus content!

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10 Responses

  1. Immigrants should be aloud in the united states.They work for are country. With out Hispanics Americans would strongle.

    JenniferSeptember 26, 2010 @ 7:29 pm
  2. I am 13 years old and I think we youngsters should speak aloud as well, I am Mexican and an American citizen, but I speak for the illigals. I want to see any white person get on their hands and knees and do the work we Mexicans have to do in order to satisfy you Americans. I do not find that fair to the ones who have been here for years and just for something very unreasonable kick them out of the US. If you white racist folks were in our position I bet you guys would want to do the things you guys accuse us of. And to get that staight from the lady that spoke out of 9/11 , It WAS NOT Mexicans!

  3. man i missed this on mtv tr3s anywhere else where i can see it?

    jose moctezumaSeptember 28, 2010 @ 12:07 am
  4. i as well am 13 years old and a proud mexican…I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE WAY WE ARE BEING TREATED how can white citizens stand there and say this is not our country… most stereo types state that we do not have an education okay than if white people have an education study your history and tell dont it say that native americans were here first and the english over took…how can you call us criminals the white are the ones who flipped the trust and took over. The constitution say WE THE PEOPLE OF THE uNITED STATES…we the people WE WE WE not just the white..goverment only states and shows what they want us to see…..they focus on what other people do wrong and not what they do wrong

  5. i would also like to say if white people go to mexico we do not complain because you speak english we are friendly… the end the white are goin to loose because they are gonna have to do stuff theirselves……they do not complain wen we are doing their work but when there is something they do not like then they bring out the status and its just not fair.
    We the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union ESTABLISH JUSTICE what is justice???? huh because obviously you dont get it

  6. Jocelyne, the 9500 Liberty will be airing again on MTV Tr3s and it is still showing in screenings in many cities. You can check the Screenings page for the schedule:

    Gerry ManacsaSeptember 28, 2010 @ 6:49 pm
  7. I live in Manassas, the area used to be very nice to live in, now it has become a border town. I am not racist, and neither is anyone else, for thinking that if someone is here ILLEGAL then they need to be arrested and deported. Also, to you proud mexicans…if you are such a pround mexican then go back, America is for people who are proud AMERICANS, I don’t care what color your skin is. I don’t walk around saying I am a proud german because I live in the USA and I am proud of that. Anyone who isn’t go back to where you consider home.

  8. Matt, what do you mean when you say “border town,” and how is it that you verified the legal status of the people of whom you are speaking? I have a difficult time making assumptions in this regard, given that legal status is invisible much like sexual orientation or religion. But why are you so certain?

  9. My wife and I finally had time to watch your film. EXCELLENT!!! And a really important film. I think it was wonderful the way you guys got into the story and then let it unfold on youtube as well as finally editing it into a powerful example of the complexities of what our nation is going through right now.

    So different from the “news” we watch that visits a story for a blip in time, does not follow up, no back story and no conclusion. Your film takes us on a ride we can all identify with even if we’ve never been involved in this kind of conflict. The sentiments, policy, politics, and humanness of the story are so real to all of us who just rant at our TV sets or computers. As to the interviewer’s question ( the snake and the lions), I think there has to be a time when intervention is appropriate. Nature will always catch up in the end but…if we can have a great effect in the moment, then we should grab it and let the chips fall where they may. Because it’s the right thing to do and we are part of the “nature” as well. Putting yourself into the story makes it all the more real.

    I don’t know what your distribution plans are for your film but I think it should be shown all over America somehow. Maybe a showing on 10/30/10 in DC would be good. On a big screen on the national mall….

    Again, congratulations to you and Annabel for a powerful film.

    Chod LangOctober 3, 2010 @ 9:53 pm
  10. Hello from Omaha,
    I was at the Filmstream and was enthralled by the cinematic experience Eric (took your picture) and Annabel brought to the screen as they followed a besieged community on the East Coast. i am a Chicano de la 3rd Generacion,a war vet as were my uncles. Experiences depicted in 9500 Freedom are poignant and revealing, reflecting a community that finds itself at odds with the color of change. Myself and members of my Community are proud Americans, we represent a Country where there are rights of expression and liberty to confront hate and bad will, not with force and fear but with expressions of goodwill, hard work and a unifying will to persevere. Academy Award for Best Doc, y’all deserve it.

    El ChatoOctober 21, 2010 @ 12:48 am