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Texans to resist anti-immigrant measures with State Capitol rally Feb. 22

Eric here, posting a press release from our friends in Texas:

Thousands from Across Texas will convene here in Austin
to Reject Anti-immigrant Agenda in the Legislature

Statewide press conferences be held tomorrow by RITA partners across Texas

Austin TX — The Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition (AIRC), as a part of the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), will be joining by thousands of Texans on Tuesday, February 22 at 1 PM at the State Capitol in Austin to march and rally for the dignity, security and rights of immigrant families.  Marchers will gather starting at 11 AM at Waterloo Park, 403 East 15th Street.   Buses will bring in Texans from San Antonio, Dallas, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, Movimiento del Valle, and Hildalgo County.

To date, more than 60 anti-immigrant, anti-family proposals have being filed by extremist Texas legislators. Proposed legislation includes, among others, the criminalization of immigrant families and workers in Texas, mandating local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws, requiring school officials to report undocumented students, and denying birth certificates to children born in Texas to undocumented parents.

As part of the “Texas Can Do Better” campaign, the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition is convening a press conference to announce its plan to participate in the historic mobilization of thousands on February 22nd in Austin to convey to Texas legislators our disappointment and rejection of those proposals that will undermine our families, our economy and our security.


Dianna Tavera
Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition
(512) 476-2472

More information on the Austin Immigrant Right Coalition:
This organization, founded in 2006, is one of the leading immigration reform and human rights advocacy organization in the United States. Based in Austin, Texas.

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